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29 -June -2022
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The Rosselli Foundation (FR) was created in Turin in 1988, inspired by Carlo and Nello Rosselli's values and their attempt to shape public policies based on individual freedom and social justice. The Foundation's main objective is fundamental research applied to the economic, social and political fields, especially dealing with public policy at both the national and European levels. In addition to its purely academic activities, over the years, the Foundation has become one of the most important think tanks for the main Italian and European governmental bodies, with whom it shares its knowledge and analyses. The Rosselli Foundation's main areas of study include: technology services and innovation, research and education, industry and finance and cultural heritage, institutions, public administrations and social policies. The research is carried out in several research institutes, of which the main ones are located in Turin, Milan and Rome.

The Rosselli Foundation has always privileged the study of the competitiveness factors of the economic system, with particular reference to its industrial component. In doing this, it has favoured analyses of the public and private research system, of the University and training institutions of human capital, of technological transfer processes, of national and regional governance systems and of the innovation and efficiency systems of the world of banking and finance.

The Rosselli Foundation carries out its research activities thanks to a varied and wide-ranging group of financial backers and sponsors for specific areas of research, including the European Union, the Ministries of Education and Scientific Research and Innovation, numerous local and regional bodies, banks and cultural foundations, science and technology parks, the European Patent Office, private companies.


Aldo Geuna

Aldo Geuna
Aldo Geuna is Full Professor at the Department of Economics and Statistics Cognetti De Martiis, University of Torino and Fellow of the Collegio Carlo Alberto. He has published several books and articles in refereed journals in the area of economics of science, economics of innovation and science and technology policy. He is member of the Editorial Board of Research Policy and Journal of Technology Transfer. He has been a member of various scientific committees, expert groups and panels in the UK and Italy as well as for the OECD, the National Academies (US) and the EU. He has been an invited speaker in various European countries, the US, China and Korea. He taught as invited visiting professor in Chile, France, Italy, Spain and Vietnam. His research interests include Economics of Science, Economics of Knowledge Production and Distribution, Science and Technology Policy, Political Economy of Science and Technology, ICT and Internet Economics and Economics Growth. His core research and expertise is the socio-economic analysis of university research behaviour and its links to innovation and economic growth.

Aldo's web page

Cornelia Meissner

Cornelia Meissner
Cornelia Meissner is a postdoctoral researcher at the Laboratory for the Economics of Innovation “Franco Momigliano” (LEI), Fondazione Rosselli and a research associate at the Bureau for Research in Innovation, Complexity and Knowledge (BRICK), Collegio Carlo Alberto and at the University of Torino. She was awarded a PhD in Economics from City University, London, in 2010. During her PhD study period she was a Visiting Doctoral Fellow at the Centre for Innovation, Research and Competence in the Learning Economy (CIRCLE), Lund University, Sweden and at the Knowledge, Internationalization and Technology Studies (KITeS) Centre, Bocconi University, Italy. She received several grants and prizes, including the BRICK-DIME Best Junior Scholar Paper Award, a DIME Visiting Fellowship, a Conference Grant of the Royal Economic Society and a KITeS Research Grant. Her main research interest is in the area of Economics of Science and Innovation. She is specifically interested in university-industry collaboration, dynamics of research and researcher mobility. Prior to her PhD studies she was a postgraduate student of Japanese Studies at the Eberhard-Karls-University in Tubingen, Germany and at Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan and held a scholarship from the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation and the prestigious Monbukagakusho research student scholarship from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan.

Cornelia's web page

Paula Stephan

Paula Stephan
Paula Stephan’s research interests focus on the careers of scientists and engineers and the process by which knowledge moves across institutional boundaries in the economy. Stephan currently serves on the National Research Council Board on Higher Education and Workforce. She served on the National Advisory General Medical Sciences Council, National Institutes of Health, 2005-2009 and served on the Advisory Committee of the Social, Behavioral, and Economics Program, National Science Foundation, 2001-2008. She was a member of the European Commission High-Level Expert Group that authored the report "Frontier Research: The European Challenge." She has served on a number of National Research Council committees including the committee on Dimensions, Causes, and Implications of Recent Trends in the Careers of Life Scientists, Committee on Methods of Forecasting Demand and Supply of Doctoral Scientists and Engineers, and the Committee to on Policy Implications of International Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Scholars in the United States. Her research has been supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the Andrew W. Mellow Foundation, and the National Science Foundation. Dr. Stephan graduated from Grinnell College (Phi Beta Kappa) with a B.A. in Economics and earned both her M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Michigan. She has been a visiting scholar at Katholeike Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, spring 2005, a Wertheim Fellow, Harvard University, February 2007, and an ICER fellow, Turin, Italy, fall 2009.

Paula's web page

Paolo Cecchelli

Paula Stephan
Paolo Cecchelli completed in 2012 his Master’s degree in Science of Government and Administration at the University of Turin, Faculty of Political Sciences, with a thesis on the role of non-patented inventions in the innovative process. Before his involvement in the SISOB project, he has been a Research Assistant in the PICK-ME research project on the inventive behavior of European inventors (an ongoing research project) and co-authored a report on a survey of inventors (PIEMINV survey, 2009, phase two of the IAMAT project).


Rodrigo Kataishi

Raimondo Iemma
Rodrigo Kataishi is PhD Candidate from the Vilfredo Pareto Doctorate in Economics (University of Torino - Collegio Carlo Alberto, Italy) and Research Assistant at the Bureau for Research in Innovation, Complexity and Knowledge (BRICK) and at the Dipartment of Economics and Statistics of the University of Torino. His main interests are related to innovation dynamics, technological change and development. Before his involvement in the SISOB project, he worked at UN-ECLAC (CEPAL) collaborating with Argentina's National Ministry of Labor, holded a prestigious CONICET Scholarship in Economics at the Industry Institute of University of General Sarmiento (Argentina) and was researcher on the EULAKS Project (Europe and Latin-America for Knowledge Society) financed by the EU-Seventh Framework Programme. His previous formation was carried out in important Latin-American institutions like UNGS, RICYT and FLACSO México.

Manuel Toselli

Manuel Toselli
Manuel Toselli is a PhD student in Economics at University of Turin and Research Assistant at the Bureau for Research in Innovation, Complexity and Knowledge (BRICK), Collegio Carlo Alberto, Moncalieri, Italy. From January 2014 he will be visiting student at KU Leuven (BE). During 2010 he had been Visiting Student at Birkbeck College (London), under the supervision of Birgitte Andersen and Federica Rossi. His research interests are in the area of the Economics of Innovation, Knowledge Transfer with a focus on low medium tech industries

Federica Rossi

Federica Rossi
Federica Rossi has been a lecturer at Birkbeck, University of London, since 2011, having joined the college as a research fellow in 2007. Previously, she held various research fellowships at universities in Italy, working on two large scale European Research Framework projects, as well as on several projects funded by national and regional agencies. She has worked as a consultant for the OECD, the UK's Strategic Advisory Board for Intellectual Property, the EC/Eurostat and regional and local development agencies. She is a reviewer for several academic journals including Research Policy, Economics of Innovation and New Technology, Industry & Innovation, Economics of Education Review, Higher Education and Studies in Higher Education. She holds a PhD and a MSc from the University of Torino and a BA from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.