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29 -June -2022
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Frontiers Research Foundation is a legal entity registered since 2007 as a Swiss not-for-profit organization with headquarters in Lausanne. FRF was founded three years ago. Previous experience relevant to the project’s needs include the following:

  • Frontiers is a major academic publisher both on the Internet and in hardcopy.
  • Frontiers bases its activities on an innovative open access publishing model serving the interests of scientists and research groups throughout the developing and developed world.
  • Frontiers has adopted a novel tiered publishing model - with separate journals addressing the interests of specialists (e.g. Molecular Neuroscience), a broad field of scientific enquiry (e.g. Frontiers in Neuroscience), a complete domain of academic research (e.g. Science) and the general public (e.g. Frontiers Magazine).
  • The has more than 180,000 readers and 2500 editors; the series has published articles by more than 2,000 editors.
  • Frontiers has developed and patented, an advanced IT infrastructure supporting researchers in finding new knowledge and disseminating their results.
  • Frontiers has developed an advanced analytics system providing real-time tracking of the impact of articles and authors.
  • Frontiers provides researchers with professional networking and collaboration tools, as well as a full range of services including: high quality review, scientific editing, copy-editing, graphics editing, and translation services (translating research articles into any second language), visualization and presentation services to explain science, intellectual property services, custom reference libraries, laboratory profiling, as well as custom research impact analysis.
  • Frontier's market research department analyses trends in academia at all levels.


Richard Walker

Richard Walker
Richard Walker collaborates with Prof. Henry Markram in Frontiersin and at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), where he coordinates the writing of funding proposals and contributes to the editing of scientific papers and other English language documentation. Originally an international economist, trained at Sussex University,UK, Richard lived for more than 35 years in Italy where he worked in R&D, first in Unisys and later in the Telecom Italia group. In 2000 he founded Xiwrite Srl, his own research consultancy company which he managed until he came to Lausanne in 2009. He has been actively involved in research in artificial intelligence and evolutionary robotics. More recently he has focused his work on the ethical, social and economic impact of science. Sometimes at a loss to describe his job, he sees himself first and foremost as a translator between different languages, cultures and disciplines.