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29 -June -2022
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donut pie line group area bivariate circular trajectory frut cluster chord fdg

SiSOB project provides a set of visual metaphors to visualize the results of the different case studies (WP7, WP8 and WP9). These metaphors are implemented over D3.js (js/html5) and NVD3.js (js/html5) as an API.

The visualization components are organized in two groups:

  • Statistical visualizations
  • Graph visualizations

Statistical visualizations

This category groups some classic metaphors to perform analysis based on attributes on quantitative and qualitative data (e.g., bar charts, time series, pie charts, scatter plots) as well as analysis based on relational data.

The Statistical visualizations used in the SiSOB project are:

1. Line Chart

Line Chart

2. Group /Stacked Bar Chart

Stacked Bar Chart

3. Simple Bar Chart


4. Bar Chart With Negative Values

Bar Chart Negative Values

5. Area Chart

Area Chart

6. Bivariate Area Chart

Bivariate Area Chart

7. Stacked Area Chart

Stacked Area

8. Pie Chart

Pie Chart

9. Donut Chart

Donut Chart

10. Donut Multiple

Multiple Donut Chart

11. ScatterPlot

Scatter Plot

    Graph visualizations

    A graph (network) is a way of representing the relationship aspect of the data that can be easily understood through visualization means. This type of visualization represents much more than simple relationships. Several layouts can be applied to graph visualisation in order to position the nodes (depending on different heuristics), one can obtain clusters of high related nodes, and even represent sequences of temporal networks.

    Sisob visualizations

    The Graph visualizations used in the SiSOB project are:

    1. Adjacency Matrix

    Adjacency Matrix

    2. Chord Diagram

    Chord Diagram

    3. Circular Layout

    Circular Layout

    4. Dwyer Force Directed Graph

    Dwyer Force Directed Graph

    5. Force Directed Clustering

    Force Directed Clustering

    6. Foresighted Graph Layout

    Foresighted Graph Layout

    7. Foresighted Heat Ring

    Foresighted Heat Ring

    8. Kamada - Kawai

    Kamada - Kawai

    9. Swin Lanes

    Swin Lanes

    10. Trajectory Diagram

    Trajectory Diagram

    Go to Deliverable D5.3  to see the explanation of these visualizations (and more) for each case study.