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29 -June -2022
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What is it?

As a result of the project, the following two tools have been developed:

  • SiSOB data extractor: This system can be used for information crawling and extraction. It can be feed with either bibliographic data sources, such as Scopus or Web of Knowledge, or crawling information directly from the web through search engines. Its main goal is to extract curricular items from a set of researchers from their full names and expertise area. More information.

How much does it cost?

One of the commitments of the SiSOB consortium is that all software released during the project development would be licensed as open source code. Accordingly everybody can use either the software or use and modify the source code whenever it would be properly referenced. See the references below to get a virtual machine with the tools installed or the links to the source code.

How does it work?

SiSOB data extractor: It is also a web-based tool whose access link can be seen below. An account is required and can be requested sending an email to the direction indicated in its main web page. This environment basically consists of a set of tasks that have to be selected and configured by the user. These tasks receive and generate CSV files as input and output. Due to the complexity of the data treatment or the crawling through the Web, some tasks could take many time (taking even some days). Once a task is run, the user can leave the environment because he/she will be notified about the finalization of the work through an email. Most tasks require as input a CSV with the information of a researcher per row. Mainly the data that have to be provided is the researcher’s full name and expertise area. Tasks like “Text Analyzer” use the result of other tasks such as “CV extractor”. Data extractor has been designed in such a way that the user is guided during the creation and configuration of a task, e.g. the format of input data is shown and verified before launching any task.

SiSOB workbench: This is a web-based tool and thus it has no installation requirements. To access the tool, see the link below. A pair user/password is required but however one can access anonymously using the combination “guest/guest”. Once inside the environment, there is a set of components in the left side of the workspace. The user can select any component, and drag and drop it into the workspace. Components have to be parameterized and can be linked between them always taking into account that the output format of a components has to be the input of another component linked to the previous one.

Workbench Screenshots

Data Extractor Screenshots