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06 -October -2022
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Deliverable D6.1 Mining strategy and requirements specification for the software platform (M5)

Abstract: The aim of this deliverable is to describe the information extraction strategy and the requierements for the SISOB software platform

Deliverable D6.2 First version of structural definitions (M10)

Abstract: The aim of this deliverable is to describe the data handling and data storage strategy for the SISOB storage platform

Deliverable D6.3 Configuration, test of the platform and first evaluation report (M22)

Abstract: This deliverable describes the two main prototypes of the SISOB system released so far and the evaluations conducted with them. The first of these prototypes is the prototype released in March 2013 as first prototype milestone of the SISOB system. As the actual second prototype of the SISOB system has only been released for internal usage, the second prototype described in this deliverable is the actual third prototype. For both prototypes we describe the user interface together with the available analysis functionalities, the configuration of the system, and also briefly the underlying architecture

Deliverable D6.4 Final report and system (M30)

Abstract: The aim of this deliverable is to describe the final system of the SISOB system, how it integrates the different involved parts, and how it is used in the project.