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06 -October -2022
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Description of work (Technical Annex of WP4)

WP4 at a glace

WP4 at a glace - Description

WP4 at a glace - Methods

WP4 at a glace - Results

WP4 at a glace - Implications


Deliverable D4.1 Report of indicators considering social aspects (M6)

Abstract: The document informs and assists indicator design for the SISOB platform

Deliverable D4.2 Specific definition of indicators for case studies (M12)

Abstract: The general purpose of the present deliverable is to provide an application-oriented, detailed framework for the definition and implementation of measurements and indicators within the SISOB system

Deliverable D4.3 Review of the indicator quality test and refinements (M24)

Abstract: The document is a report on the development of measurements and indicators proposed in D4.2 for specific case studies of the SISOB project. It covers a proof-of concept study and a partial validation for the indicator frameworks to be implemented within the SISOB system, along with the implied elaboration and update of the proposed indicators for the SISOB modules.

Deliverable D4.4 Report on the indicators operating within the SISOB modules. Comparative. Conclusions (M35)

Abstract: The document is a final review of the models, procedures, methods,measurements and indicators elaborated within WP4 of the SISOB project. Beyond reporting the theoretical groundwork in WP4, the Abstract: report provides a detailed overview on the utilization of WP4 proposals within Case Studies (WP7–9), and also outlines the interaction between WP4 and the further WPs of the SISOB project aiming at indicator development.