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06 -October -2022
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Description of work (Technical Annex of WP3)

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Deliverable D3.1 Report for the Normalized Curriculum Vitae considering European needs (M10)

Abstract: The aim of this deliverable is to reflect on the structure and nature of data about research, to find effective solutions to extract effective conclusions for CV definitions of the information extracted from different sources. It is reflection about the normalized data about research results and their meaning, although it has been generated in different contexts.

Deliverable D3.2 General purpose tool and API for accessing to different databases (M20)

Abstract: This deliverable presents the API developed in the project to access, retrieve and manage information from the different sources of data that are currently being used, as well as from any other sources that could be used in the future. As mentioned in other deliverables, the interchange format chosen in the project is the CVN. Consequently, we have constructed an API which is able to interpret and process information structured according to the CVN. Likewise, through this API one can easily transform any data stored in the objects of the API into a set of CVN files.