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06 -October -2022
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D9.2 Characterization and evaluation of specific author-reviewer networks PDF Print E-mail

Report on specific author-reviewer networks. Result of tasks T9.3 and T9.4.

  • RP: FrontiersIn.
  • RV: MTA.
  • C: all partners involved in the workpackage.

Delivery date: month 18.

Abstract: We describe a methodology to evaluate possible biases in peer review systems and apply it to a database from FrontiersIn – a large open access publisher. The study failed to find certain “traditional” forms of bias (e.g. gender bias) but provides indications of previously unreported forms of paradoxical bias (e.g. bias of female reviewers against female author). The methods still require improvement – in particular in data cleaning procedures and statistical methodology. Our next study will address some of these issues, helping to create a general purpose tool for the evaluation of peer‐review systems.