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06 -October -2022
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D9.1 Specifications of model, indicators and representations PDF Print E-mail

Report of model of author reviewer networks, identifying the data required to instantiate the model together with indicators, analytical tools and visual representations allowing the identification of potentially important network characteristics. Result of tasks T9.1 and T9.2.

  • RP: FrontiersIn.
  • RV: RICYT.
  • C: all partners involved in the workpackage.

Delivery date: month 8.

Abstract: This report outlines plans for the SISOB study on peer-review. It describes the goals of the study, the hypotheses the study intends to test, the underlying conceptual model, the independent and the dependent variables, the data sources on which the study will be based and the tools that will be used during the analysis. An appendix provides a first draft of plans to protect the privacy of personal data. These plans will be subject to expert review, prior to data collection and analysis.