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06 -October -2022
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D8.3 Analysis report PDF Print E-mail

T8.3 results.

  • RP: UDE.
  • RV: FR.
  • C: all partners involved in the workpackage.

Delivery date: month 26.

Abstract: This deliverable reports about the deep analysis proceeded based on the SISOB workbench. The results represent a level supported by scientometers’ views within the workbench. We present different studies of analysis of knowledge sharing. The cases chosen for the analysis of knowledge sharing are focused on new and innovative scientific fields of nanotechnology, biotechnology, computer science and renewable energies. The cases are selected from Germany and the Ibero-­‐American countries, as well as cases, which are not located in a specific country or region. While most of the cases focus on knowledge sharing processes, the study on renewable energies in Andalusia (Spain) focuses on policy processes related to knowledge sharing. Based on an example from the field of Renewable Energy the case shows the installation and development of a policy plan for the specific region by using classical indicators for a selected group from a big database. Depending on each case we select different methods that best fitting approaches for the selected case. In addition to traditional and robust methods using approved indicators we also apply new methods of keyword analysis and social network techniques on traditional data sources like scientific publications as well as new data sources like social media to look behind the formal structure of knowledge sharing in scientific communities.